Ceramic Foundry Filter

Ceramic Press Filter is designed and developed to be used as a foundry filter which can find usage for filtration and separation process. The process of separation is based on the principle and technique of pressure drive and is done by using a slurry pump. Such machines are used in marble factories for separating water and mud in order to obtain clear water which is free from all the impurities and use this water for cutting the marble. These filters help in improving the cast surface and its finishing which results in an optimized running system.

Raw material used for making our rendered Ceramic Press Filter are cited below:

  • Made using oxides of aluminum, zirconium, Magnesium, silicon and various other combinations.
  • Ceramic fibers consisting different compositions may also be added for improving the some properties.
  • For improving the slurry properties, antifoaming agents and various other chemicals are added.
  • A liquid, usually, water is added for making ceramic slurry.