Refractory Materials

Our offered Refractory Fire Bricks are made using oxide of Aluminum along with very low water and iron content. These bricks are used for withstanding both high and low temperatures and possess minimum thermal conductivity so that  efficiency of energy can be ensured. The mentioned bricks are prepared to have stringent dimensional tolerances, sharp edges and smooth surface finishing for finding usage for lining furnaces, fireplaces, kilns and fireboxes. Because of their high resistivity against thermal shock and abrasion, these can even be used at temperature of 1350 degrees Celsius at maximum.

Some applications of  Refractory Fire Bricks are listed below:

  • Used in different furnaces such as reheating, blast and the furnaces that are carbon baked.
  • Also find usage in suspended roofs, barbeques, coke and outdoor ovens.
  • Can even be implemented in the insulation of the glass tanks
  • These are also used as a primary reformers during the production of fertilizers.